effective communication TRaining

Knowingly or unknowingly, every one of us is found to be communicating with each other through different ways, means or mediums at different occasions. Most of us think it to be a natural process and no such skills are required for it. But, this concept is actually leading us to a wrong direction. Communication also requires certain skills which plays pivotal role in each and every aspects of life i.e personal and professional. Communication skills does not mean simply talking to each other or sending or receiving message ,it also involves body language and gestures including sitting position, eye contact, facial expressions, the way we respond to a person we are speaking or listening to ,the way we convey message, and many more. These skills if known, developed and implemented can bring effective revolutionary change in our lives.

In personal lives, these skills help to develop and maintain good relationship with our loved ones. It helps to maintain happiness, peace and harmony as we could create mutual understanding between family members by delivering correct and proper message to everyone.

In corporate sector, these skills would help us to find jobs, perform well in interviews leaving positive impression, get promotions, recognition, build long term corporate and business relationships and climb the corporate ladder. Therefore, any individual who aspire to achieve great heights of success and make progress in life should develop this skill.

Taking this importance into consideration, Soft skill Training Nepal has been providing effective communication skill trainings to different groups of people. Currently, this program is specially focused on college students.

We know that this is the stage when the students are actually preparing themselves for a bright future career. They need to be vigorously engaged in different project works, presentations, internships where great amount of communication skills is required. Thus, we have introduced this program to teach them all the necessary tips and skills required which will prove to be very helpful to them. We also introduce them with some listening skills which would help them to understand and learn effectively that has been taught to them in class. Similarly, most of the students are also found to be haunting for jobs while studying or after having their studies completed. In the process of getting jobs too, proper communication techniques are required to perform well in interviews and have maximum chances to get the job. So, Soft Skill Training Nepal has left no stones unturned to provide all the necessary help to the needy students who feel that this training is important to them.

Heading For ECST Program ( Effective Communication Skill Training)

  • Trends in the New workplace
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Body language
  • Culture and Communication
  • Writing
  • Revising
  • Electronic Messages and Memorandums
  • Positive Messages
  • Negative Messages
  • Persuasive Messages
  • Proposals and Formal reports
  • Informal Reports
  • Defining Professional Behavior
  • Group Discussion
  • Interview Preparation

Time Duration:15 Days (30 Hrs)