Teachers Workshop

Time Duration:2 Days

Venue:SSTN Training Hall/ Your Places

Teachers’ seminar is based on the following three mental models developed by Soft Skill Training Nepal

  • Individual Development
  • Professional development
  • Team work and leadership skill
  • (Individual Development) Personal Development and anger management
  • (Professional Development) Motivate the students effectively and effective time management
  • (Team work and leadership skill)Apply team building and leadership skill in a variable or practical environment.

Step 1

Personal Development
This is your invitation to find out how you can get the most out of yourself, both at work and in your private life. During this inspiring and entertaining workshop, you’ll have a unique opportunity to learn about the latest discoveries in personal development and take part in all the wonderful knowledge of successful people that has stood the test of time. Watch how until just a moment ago that seemed like just wishful thinking suddenly becomes your everyday reality……

In this personal development program you will learn:

  • Building relationships with parents.
  • Anger management
  • Set clear about what you want and why you want it.
  • Create a powerful sense of purpose in your daily activities.
  • Attitude is everything.

Step 2

Professional Development
It is essential to understand how to influence the thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors in ourselves and others. In this professional skill development program, you will learn:

  • Techniques of motivation
  • Prioritization and time management
  • How to increase students’ performance
  • Communication skill and handling difficult situations
  • Planning for successful result at school

Step 3

Team work and Leadership Skill
It is for men, women and children. It is for business and communities. It is for you. We all have the capacity for leadership, but only those who cultivate it will ever become truly effective leaders. During this magical day, you will learn a new and practical way that will help you to achieve personal and professional greatness. In this step ,you will learn:

  • Psychology of leader
  • Increase your teamwork efficiency
  • Leadership life lesson
  • The vocabulary of success
  • Performing under pressure