Jenita Basnet

Before taking the training, I was unknown about the communication strategies and skills. Now, I’ve really learnt a lot about importance and ways of communication in different fields. I now feel as a mature professional woman.

I’m very pleased and satisfied by being the part of this training. This training will really help us a lot to achieve success wherever we go. I’ve learnt a lot about SOLER techniques and many more which when applied helps us a lot for interview and any sort of presentation. I am very thankful to Raju sir for being a wonderful trainer ever.
Address: Kapan 11, Kathmandu
Academic Level: Master

Subir Raj Bhandari

How do you feel about your Trainer and Soft Skill Training Nepal? I have felt my confidence built up through Soft Skill Training Nepal. I’m really impressed by my trainer. He is friendly and is really good in teaching and motivating.

I can feel the increased energy, confidence and potentiality within me and I believe that this would definitely facilitate me in my job hunt and any task that require presentation. Now, I know my goal, strengths and skills which will help me in overcoming my problems. Overall, this training has helped me to build my personality.
Academic Level: BIM
Address: Shri Marg, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Ankita Pradhan

I really got very important lessons today. Till yesterday, I thought that communication was so easy process and not so important. But today's training made me realize what communication is all about. i'm truly benefitted. Thanks to Soft Skill Training Nepal. Our trainer clearly expressed and dealt with all the topics. He also made us to actively participate in a role play of a counselor and client. He is a good trainer.

Anjalita Bhusal

After attending this training, I could feel some effective changes occurring within me. I'm sure the skills I've learnt today will really be very helpful for my future career .Truthfully, I didn't feel anything lacking in today's training .Everything in the program had positive impression on me. I don't think anything regarding this training has to be changed.Previously, I've taken some training but this one was more interesting due to the familiar and friendly nature of our trainer.

Umanga Parajuli

In my view, it was the most essential training for everyone especially to the teenagers like me. I just have one suggestion that this type of training should be organized continuously to the pupils of every sector as it would be beneficial to everyone who have desire to have successful careers in their respective fields. I feel he is the best trainer because he covered both theoretical and practical approach of communication training. While providing training, he suggested many useful tips to implement in our daily lives and careers.

Navin Chandra Kunwar

The training was awesome. I think we need to do more practical tests without limiting the time period.I was really interested in working out with those tests. He is very professional. I loved the way he communicated with us. His way of teaching was very impressive. I am glad that I got chance to learn from him.

Sansar Maske

It helped to develop my practical skills which is a must for today's scenario. This training gave me lots of information and tips to overcome problems in current business. He is very interactive and informative professional trainer.

Suvanno Tharu

The program was fantastic and helpful to me. I got a chance to recognize myself and my problems. Now I'm sure that I can solve them by using effective ways. It's really important and I want to recommend people to join this program if anyone of you are confused with your life and future planning.