Soft skill training in Kathmandu Nepal

Soft Skill Training Nepal Pvt. Ltd, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. We, Soft Skill Training Nepal, the group of professionals, have ventured for providing different kinds of programs on Personal Development, Leadership Development and Professional Development. We recognize that in the business world, great emphasis is put on technical skills, and rightly so. However, we also recognize that ‘soft skills’ are vital in order to enhance inner capacity for professionals to develop both personally and professionally. It also helps to meet the challenges of the business in today’s Economical environment.

Our training and professional education includes Professional Skill Training, Art of success, Teachers workshop, Students workshop, Personality Plus , Presentation & Communication Skill ,Leadership, corporate, Train the Trainer Training, etc . Every Training and workshop program can be fully customized to meet every individual and company's needs. We work with you for your success

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Importance of Soft skill training

Now today’s world, defrayal a JOB interview require much more than academic qualification and an extraordinary resume. In todays real market places many a time we come across people who fail to make to the top in spite of processing the best of technical knowledge. What is the lack point of them? Of course we know that is soft skill,

Basically soft skill are a set of personality traits that help people to communicate effectively with others.this include self- awareness, facility with different language, sense of responsibility, leadership and team handling abilities, communication , flexibility, presentation, art of dealing difficult situation, and many more.All those who have attended soft skill training and other must have recognized the tremendous emphasis placed on individual's outward appearance. More..